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We meet on the first Friday of each month at 7:00 P.M.
We meet at Swedish Covenent Hospital - Anderson Pavilion, 2751 W. Winona Ave, Chicago, Illinois.
Anderson Pavilion is located on Winona Ave, one block south of Foster Ave., just east of California Ave. Click here for a map.

Please contact John LeBeau on 708 513-2845 (cell phone) with your ideas for future programs.

June 2, 2017

I-90 Market Expansion Program and Tollway reconfiguration
by Ezekiel Guza, associate planner, Pace
and Henry Guerriero, traffic and revenue analyst, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

Ezekiel Guza will make a presentation on Pace's new express bus service along I-90 tollway with bus service expansion in the northwest suburbs, as well as new north-south service connecting with the express services.

The buses will operate in the inner Flex Lane, part of the tollway's SmartRoad system. Signs controlling access to the lane will be activated this summer.

Henry Guerriero will explain the new lane configuration of the I-90 Jane Addams (Northwest) Tollway and how access to the Flex Lanes will be controlled, as well as the project's history and reasoning behind several of the engineering decisions that were made.

July 7, 2017
To be announced

August 4, 2017
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September 1, 2017
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October 6, 2017
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November 3, 2017
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